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A mid-career journalist who's worked horizontally across India - from Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat

On China frontier, old men handle law and order in India’s Arunachal Pradesh

GADGETS DO the job these days. But the armed forces often rely on a 78-year-old’s eyes and ears for information on the China frontier. As a long-time gaonbura (GB, village elder) of Mangang village, Dorjee Purba Chukla’s primary job is … Continue reading

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Confidence versus humility

“If I only had a little humility, I’d be perfect,” the media mogul Ted Turner supposedly said sometime in the 1990s, in a moment of narcissistic exuberance. While Turner has been much humbler since, today’s breed of tech entrepreneurs often … Continue reading

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Teacher: Greater than the greatest of the greats

By Rutajeet Karmakar THE WORLD regards Alexander, king of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon, as The Great. But Alexander believed his teacher, the philosopher Aristotle, was Greater. The legendary Greek ruler, referring to Aristotle, said: “I am indebted to … Continue reading


Mohammad Ali was not the greatest sportsman

Greatest boxer, yes. But Mohammad Ali wasn’t the greatest sportsman though he claimed to be. Every kid with an anger issue has thrown punches, but not everyone does the long jump or makes the football sing or throws the javelin … Continue reading

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They paved the way for Tripura’s gymnast wonder Dipa Karmakar

  DIPA KARMAKAR is 25% short of perfection in the Produnova, considered the riskiest vault in gymnastics. Behind the 75% she has mastered is an invisible hand from Haryana. As in the epic Mahabharata, every Arjun of Indian sports is … Continue reading

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My India: My view

(By Rutajeet Karmakar, my elder son) Variety is said to be the spice of life. India, the most diverse country on earth, ensures variety. So India is the spice of life. Rather, India is life – my life and yours. … Continue reading

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From nigh-watchman to chief minister: An Arunachal Pradesh orphan who hoisted national flag to survive and study

If western India’s Gujarat state had a tea-seller chief minister turned prime minister, eastern India’s Arunachal Pradesh has a CM who was a night-watchman Continue reading

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Regional writers handling revival script for Congress in Bihar

What Ashoka Road and Akbar Road in Delhi are for BJP and Congress, Patna’s Beer Chand Patel Marg is for all political parties that matter in Bihar. It is the state’s rajnaitik dil or political heart. The Congress has no … Continue reading

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Bihar ballot battleground: Where VIP is a party with BED fellow

IF DELHI has Aam Aadmi Party, Bihar has Aam Aadmi (United). And BHAJP in the state is not Hindi for BJP; it expands to Bharatiya Jagaran Party. Political parties are born by the baker’s dozen in Bihar, particularly in the … Continue reading

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India’s Swachh Bharat list of cities has Nagaland capital wrong

PEACE OR conflict, there’s something about Nagaland that makes New Delhi err.   The Union ministry of urban development, which released the Swachh Bharat ranking of capital cities on August 8, placed Dimapur at the 13th spot between Chennai (Tamil Nadu) … Continue reading

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