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I started writing jokes in 2011. Most of my jokes at that time were about Anna Hazare. Because I knew that he didn’t have the strength to look for me, find me, and kill me. In 2011, I only wrote few jokes… and all were lame. But now, I have improved a lot and started writing *more* lame jokes. This is the compilation of Anna Hazare jokes I wrote in Dec 2011 – tribute to the man who inspires the African kids.


Anna’s earlier fasts were big tests for the government. Now he’s going to try a one-day fast. What next? Fast While Asleep?

Anna is trying different kinds of fast: one-day, one-week, marathon etc. Maybe one day, he is going to come up with a fancy term like “Fast until Sachin’s 100th 100”.

I have a dream. That one day. I will become a kick-ass scientist. And find a…

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