A Is For Alcohol, A 20-Something Alphabet

Very angrez but some you can identify with…

Thought Catalog

A is for Alcohol, your constant in a sea of change.

B is for Baby, that thing you *really* don’t want until one day, you suddenly do.

C is for Candy Crush, the Mario and Luigi of a new world.

D is for Drunk text, the bane of your atrophied impulse control’s existence.

E is for Eggs Benedict, which you will splurge on financially and calorie-wise this weekend because “it will cure your hangover.”

F is for Fixed gear bicycle, a trendy kind of transportation for poor people and fitness/environmental enthusiasts.

G is for Gentrification, that thing you are doing to the formerly “artsy” neighborhood you live in.

H is for Hoodie, the item of clothing that most exemplifies how you feel about the world (you reserve the right to zip it all the way up and pull your hood over your eyes when it’s annoying).

I is for iPhone…

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