44 Everyday Phrases You Might Not Know You’ve Been Saying Incorrectly


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After my last post on “words you might not know you’ve been saying incorrectly,” a number of commenters posted that they often hear the same sense of malapropism applied to phrases. American English is full of idioms, as the language changes with everyday use, and these are just some of the phrases that vary by region, class and cultural background. All of them have become “accepted” over time, but many of them started out meaning something very different (see: #35). Some of them are just plain wrong and will be until the end of time (like #5). Others are just hilarious (#6).

Here are 44 common phrases that you might be saying or using wrong, some of which I weren’t clear on until researching this article (#34). Which common malapropisms or abused phrases bother you? Leave your own grammar pet peeves in the comments.

1. Saying it wrong: “Chester drawers”

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