How To make a Daily Soap with one Dialogue


And then there was me

Inspector – DAYA, Yeh Darwaaza Tod do!!!
Daya – Hmm
Inspector – *Powerful look*
Daya – Tho aap chahthe hain ki main Darwaaza Tod du?!!
Inspector – *Powerful confirmation look*
Daya – Theek hai, Main yeh Darwaaza thod dunga!!!
Team – Haan Daya, Jaldi Darwaaza Thod do!!!
Daya – Haan, Abhi Thod detha hun, yeh Darwaaza!!!
*walks back*
Inspector – TEHRO!!!
*Pan Camera across room, focus on each face 3 times to catch every twitch of eyebrow or nose hair*
Daya – *Constipated look*
Inspector – Daya, Dhyaan se.
Daya – *Nods back*
*Slow Motion walk back, Slow motion turn around of Daya*
*Pan Camera, Focus on Different parts of door – lock, bolt, etc*
Daya – Thod raha hun main!!! Yeh Darwaaza

*Still shot at the moment Daya Almost kicks the door* End of Show for the day

– How To make A Television Serial with just one dialogue

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A mid-career journalist who's worked horizontally across India - from Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat
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