25 Hilariously Accurate Girl Code Quotes


Thought Catalog

If you weren’t ugly in middle school, I almost don’t trust you. – Jamie Lee
The strongest form of birth control has always been my personality – Carly Aquilino
(On mean girls) They don’t eat enough cake. They probably have never had an orgasm before. – Tanisha Long
Put confidence with any outfit, that’s style. – Jessimae Peluso
If you ever want to really bond with your dad, talk shit about your mom. – Carly Aquilino
If it doesn’t involve food, count me out. – Quinn Marcus
You do realize that masturbation feels like pizza tastes. – Jamie Lee
Sometimes when I shower, I get hair stuck in my butt and I like the way it feels when I pull it out. – Allison Carter Thomas
People don’t want to hear about your diet. Just shut up, eat your lettuce, and be sad. – Nicole Byer
We change our hair…

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