What Star Wars Tells Us About Travelers: The 13 Traveler Personality Types

Travel types

Courtney Herz Writes

When it comes to travel, there are certainly many things that can go wrong. From screaming children on the plane to lost baggage to just about anything else, problems can, and usually will, arise. However, by understanding the different types of travelers  you can understand what makes people act the way they do on the road (or in the air or…traveling at light speed…whatever). Fortunately, Star Wars has provided, likely unintentionally, a pretty thorough collection of the different types of travelers. 

The Han Solo

There’s always that person that’s just so cool it seems as though they came along just to provide your party with aesthetic effect. Calm, cool, collected, and sometimes making rather unusual choices, this traveler never gets alarmed. Slightly arrogant, always flirting with the most attractive potential mate within eyesight, and always responding with “It’s okay, I’ll handle it”, this smooth talker is likely kind of annoying…

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