Eco-Tourism in North-East India – 6 Responsible Cottages And Homestays

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The Northeast India Travel Blog

Northeast India is not one of those destinations found in every traveler’s list. This is mostly because of the region’s remoteness, closeness to sensitive international borders and absence of proper infrastructure. Call it godsend, the niche tourism acts as a safeguard to the region’s rich but delicate environment and cultures, whereas, if mass tourism was to exist, it would certainly have a deteriorating impact.

For the few percentage of travelers who do manage to stumble into the blissful land of the seven sisters, there are many surprises; including staying in some simply delightful cottages, homestays, lodges, resorts and bungalows. As these properties clearly deserve to be noticed, we have decided to begin a series focussed on showcasing them. To start with, today’s post is a list of 6 responsible, offbeat and delightful places to stay while you’re in Northeast India, but not in any particular order.

Potasali Nameri Eco-Camp

Location: Nameri National…

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