Heart is a bone

  • Love buds in the ventricles
  • And blossoms in the testicles
  • To pump it back to the atrium
  • You need a lot of calcium
  • For heart is just another bone
  • Fed by a fluid with blood-red tone
  • How come a bone, ask you may
  • This is what the medics say:
  • “Glorified filter is your heart
  • Almost plays the kidneys’ part
  • Both sift blood, night and day
  • One does solo, the other two-way
  • Heart just washes the RBC
  • Kidneys work to make you pee
  • Through the tube where love ends up
  • And leaves you broke or makes you baap”
  • Beating about the bush, are they?
  • It’s what they call the medical way
  • They tell you that haemoglobin
  • Has a bit to do with your urine
  • Anyway, let’s get back to point
  • On heart being a bone sans joint
  • Orthopaedics let us know
  • Though cardiologists said no-no:
  • “Wrong they were all these years
  • Until they knifed those poor dears
  • Come to mend their broken hearts
  • And rejuvenate their body parts
  • Solid shards the surgeons saw
  • As if they came off ulna or jaw
  • Something here is just not clear
  • How can a tissue break not tear?”
  • Determined they were to find
  • The dil structure of the other kind
  • The hard-hearted were cut up too
  • Some docs cried, some yelled yahoo
  • To find their hearts as hard as stone
  • In other words, as tough as bone
  • So be no longer in a fix
  • You have one more than 206
  • But if you think your heart is soft
  • Be ready to be ripped from cot to croft
  • You think my heart is very narrow?
  • Well, all it has is bloody marrow.

About rahconteur

A mid-career journalist who's worked horizontally across India - from Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat
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10 Responses to Heart is a bone

  1. Ashraf Engineer says:

    Hahahaha… This is a great one. You should call it the ‘Bone Moan’.

  2. rahconteur says:

    Excellent heading…

  3. subhra dhar says:

    subhra dhar

  4. rina jamir says:

    beautifully explained

  5. You need to do school books… you make learning stuff fun.

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