Mindblowing Meghalaya minimalism

A PICTURE, it is often said, is worth a 1,000 words. Shillong-based Nathaniel Nampui Majaw possibly packs in more than 5,000 words in his minimalist art.

A lecturer at the Mass Media Department of St Anthony’s College, Shillong, Nathaniel has worked as a graphics designer for Ivory Cottage Creatives, a production house established by him and partner Baia Marbaniang. “I have always been fascinated by minimalist art. Getting an idea or thought across with something so basic appeals to me,” he says.

The opportunity to showcase his talent came at the Clean Politics Campaign (CPC) organized in Shillong on January 30. CPC was conceived by Meghalaya legislator Ardent Basaiawmoit and given a Facebook fillip by Shillong-based Lang Kupar War. Nathaniel’s posters floored many in Shillong; they had no idea so much could be said with so little.

The poster series was titled ‘M for Meghalaya’, which expands to Minimalism for Meghalaya. “Rather than the art form, the issues highlighted in this series are more important to me. I’m hoping to highlight more issues from Meghalaya and elsewhere in India,” says Nathaniel.

Following are samples of Nathaniel’s minimalist art.

This is a statement on Meghalaya's MLAs who have a history of being responsible for instability and being 'opaque' about issues concerning the common man.

Meghalaya is a hydropower producer but capital Shillong suffers from acute power cuts

The Shillong Bypass project is gathering dust 30 years after it was conceived to ease congestion in Shillong through which an arterial higway connecting southern Assam, Mizoram and Tripura passes.

The traffic lighting system in Shillong/Meghalaya is pathetic

Meghalaya's unscientific pits are notorious for crimes of all hues, from child labour, child abuse to murder and burglary besides raping the ecology

Meghalaya's sorry state of affairs vis-a-vis limestone and coal quarrying by greedy private operators (government has no control over land in the state) at the cost of the state's environmental health. Many rivers have become polluted beyond hope, and the hills are caving in.


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A mid-career journalist who's worked horizontally across India - from Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat
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5 Responses to Mindblowing Meghalaya minimalism

  1. ranjit says:

    chanced upon ur blog .. great 🙂
    sent u a mail .. kindda urgent .. pl call

  2. Happy to stumble upon your blog. I write on Northeast India too. Do drop by sometime.

    Great articles!

  3. Great stuff….I am sharing some of these pics on FB with credit to your blog. Thanks!

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