Oh Ob/sama!

When half the world was Red
And jihadis not bred
When Yankee Doodle dude
Milked the Arabs’ crude
Some guys came up and said
“Let’s have those commies laid”
But Nam was in the back of mind
So they planned to one day find
A Rambo with some facial fuzz
They did, and Langley was abuzz
This desert fox was Sly, oh yeah
But gym-toning was not his way
He wore no scowl, he had no growl
He had an ‘army’ on the prowl
An army he called al-Qaeda
Raised for Yankee’s faeda*
“The bearded bugger is just right
Let his jokers fight our fight
We’ll tell the world, lose or win
Was psychopath, this fellow bin”
So Yankee drove him Pakistan
To liberate Afghanistan
In course of time the Reds were out
The world felt the Yankee clout
But laden with the US stuff
Bin Laden stated off the cuff
“Fight we must no matter who
Spread out boys – and go screw”
I don’t know how the oily spar
Became a big Holy War
Friend in need turned foe indeed
And bit the hand that him did feed
The shove really came to push
Went all out, that Yankee Bush
Claimed he, “We nailed that bin
He is no more, he is had been”
But bin lived to see planes crash
And turn twin towers into trash
Yankee fumed but shat in pant
“Kill that dog!” went his rant
But ‘dog’ was in a kennel sound
That Yankee funded all year round
“Mister Benazir,” Yankee told
“You be bold, or be rolled”
The Paki replied, “Yes my boss
This nation’s anyway gone for a toss
Do it hard, whatever you do
But help us on Kashmir, will you?”
Yankee smiled, let it be known
Bin was done in by the drone
His body was dumped in the sea
“We got him at last, didn’t we?”
How could Barack, and not Bush
Get that Laden in a whoosh?
American kids will tell you how
A simple poser stressed their brow
When asked to “Name our President”
They would write (by accident?)
An ‘s’, not ‘b’, twixt ‘O’ and ‘ama’
A shrink told Prez from Alabama
“The children are so overawed
By the other O that they are flawed”
Ego hurt, this O thought hard
“Where am I, where’s that retard!
This earth has space for only one
I am the one, his day is done”
So that’s why this guy Obama
Vowed to snuff out Osama
The names rhyme; it’s not by fluke
You’ll draw a line with a closer look

(*Hindi word meaning profit, interest)


About rahconteur

A mid-career journalist who's worked horizontally across India - from Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat
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3 Responses to Oh Ob/sama!

  1. bhaskar says:

    Very good…interesting word play and good rhyming plus nailed the matter on its head

  2. Cool… and I learned stuff…

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