Love notes

HERE are some four-liners I fished out of history. If you don’t like them, blame it on typical teen-time trash thinking.

Colour of love

  • Is it black and white?
  • Blue? Pink? Sepia?
  • Wish I weren’t colour-blind
  • Or cursed with myopia!

Book of love

  • They say it’s a golden verse
  • On an ethereal rack,
  • But I haven’t graduated
  • Beyond paperback!

Smell of love

  • It’s sweet, you said,
  • Like a fragrant rose,
  • And jasmine, musk, cinnamon…
  • Darn my blocked nose!

Sound of love

  • Is it a giggle or a sigh?
  • A moan or a groan?
  • Can only feel the heartbeat
  • I have no earphone!

Taste of love

  • Sweet? Tangy? Spicy?
  • Bland? Mild? Strong?
  • That mouthful of bitterness –
  • A slip of the tongue?

Drink of love

  • It’s something inebriating?
  • Frothy, from the cellar?
  • Well, give me milk and honey,
  • I am a teetotaler!

Feel of love

  • Temperature? Vibration?
  • The friction? The curves?
  • My thermometer’s frozen
  • And I have lost my nerves!

Talk of love

  • I couldn’t speak my mind
  • And you showed me the thumb,
  • You did make me speechless
  • But I am not so dumb!

Time of love

  • Without any bounds
  • Or always by the clock?
  • Let’s get down to business
  • And break the deadlock!

Value of love

  • You explained with the graph
  • How much love is worth;
  • Was floating in the air,
  • You brought me down to earth!

Measure of love

  • Length or breadth or depth?
  • Handful or a pinch?
  • Trust and care and warmth?
  • Or merely by the inch?

Fruit of love

  • You stripped me to the bones
  • Like a school of piranhas
  • They blamed it on the apple,
  • But I know I went bananas!

About rahconteur

A mid-career journalist who's worked horizontally across India - from Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat
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2 Responses to Love notes

  1. kavita says:

    Interesting ! To be honest i am laughing my heart out . A post that i would love to share with my friends.

    Thank you Rahul ,i am so glad to find someone from Guwahati in blogger world . Regards .

  2. rahconteur says:

    Always had this crazy take on romance. Good to interact with fellow Guwahati bloggers.

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