Scamming the scammer

I SCAM, therefore I am.

I am the quintessential Indian government servant. I eye every public pie. But I am often blind to others eyeing my hoard-yearned piesa.

Maybe I don’t want to see. Maybe I don’t bother; after all, much of the money I make belongs to you and you and you.

I am paid well. But why disturb my salary account when everything I want can be bought by someone else’s money saved in 220 pseudo accounts.

Too many accounts? Not if you know me as Babulal Agarwal, an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer from Chhattisgarh. Or as Arvind and Tinoo Joshi, the IAS couple from Madhya Pradesh who unfortunately got caught with Rs 32.5 million in cash.

Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh are central Indian states.

Whatever the designation – from semi-literate fourth grader to IAS topper – my credo is: take, don’t give. Where giving is unavoidable, yield a bit.

I don’t bend this rule, whether in the Indian mainland or in the fringes, and it doesn’t matter which community or ethnicity I am partial to. This makes me an example of under-the-table unity in diversity.

Sometimes, I take my department literally. Like when my IAS avatar, Himansu Sekhar Samantray, was the managing director of the Lift Irrigation Corporation in Orissa (eastern Indian state). I lifted, as that state’s vigilance cell found out, to possess cash and property valued at more than Rs 20 million.

But I don’t need the IAS tag to take corruption to a sublime level. As Amjad Hussain, a junior engineer in Assam’s Rural Development Department, I stashed Rs 134.5 million in cash in the garage of my residence in the city of Guwahati.

Don’t be startled. Not all of it was mine. It belonged to many of my dissimilar clones – officers who diverted government-sanctioned development funds to fronts of militant groups in a hill tribal council of Assam.

Coming to the point I made earlier, there’s always someone to partake of the money I make illegally. Take my case as Karuna Saikia, additional chief engineer in the Public Health Engineering Department, suspended for involvement in the same tribal council scam as Hussain.

My Saikia act was busted when federal investigators raided my home some time back. The sleuths seized a lot of money, but had a hunch I had more.

I hadn’t. An occultist named Oliver Momin I had consulted to help keep the investigators off my back took more than Rs 500,000 for selling me ineffective magical solutions.

I, the scammer, was thus scammed. But if there are gods in heaven and godly judges on earth…


About rahconteur

A mid-career journalist who's worked horizontally across India - from Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat
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3 Responses to Scamming the scammer

  1. Soneswar Basumatary says:

    So far we know about Oliver Momin is a national leader on peace making group Gandhi Peace Organisation. He is the National Chairman of Gandhi Peace Organisation, Shakarpur, New Delhi-110092. He is an internationally renown astrologer, numerologist and vastu specialist. We have got very good result from the person Oliver Momin and lakhs of people getting good result from his astrological treatment. He never ask any money from any person and hundreds of my friends went to him for astrological treatment and got good result. He never ask anybody for money. So, this news is totally unbelievable and baseless. He does not have much money but it does not mean that he can claim money from Er. Karuna Saikia. I personally know this engineer worked in Haflong, N.C. Hills was a fraud government officer live in Beltola, Survey area in an apartment. So, we don’t want to agree such type of false news to trap such like a good person Mr. Oliver Momin.

    • rahconteur says:

      This is not news, and I have not tried to accuse/nail anyone. Nor do I know if the Oliver Momin I have cited is the Oliver Momin you mention. This is a general blogpiece written on the basis of reports that have come out in various papers/channels across India over a considerable period of time. The piece is focussed — it is on corrupt government servants, and I have used Saikia’s case (his wife said money was paid for foretelling) as an example of how money earned fraudulently comes to no use in the end.

  2. Astrologer Momin says:

    I agree with Mr. Soneswar Basumatary. I never ask any money from Er. Karuna Saikia and he came to Ratna Kuber to show his horoscope and accordingly I casted his horoscope and analyse his present period and given some advise to tell the truth of the past happenings of his service life to save the state, country as well as nation. He has two wives and two children as he said me and his horoscope also tells like this. So, the news and allegation is totally baseless and false.

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